Publications from current students

Academic publications in high impact journals by current and former CDT students and associated CDT students

nature-photonics-130x150.gifoptics express.jpegWe expect all students to publish in high impact journals and present at leading international conferences during the course of their research, and these are refereed below (students in bold):

1. Lavery, D.; Ionescu, M.; Makovejs, S.; Torrengo, E.; Savory, S.J., “A long‐reach ultra‐dense 10 Gbit/s WDM‐PON using a digital coherent receiver,” Optics Express, v 18, n 25, p 25855‐60, Dec. 2010

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3. Makovejs, S.; Millar, D.S.; Lavery, D.; Behrens, C.; Killey, R.I.; Savory, S.J.; Bayvel, P. , “Characterization of long‐haul 112Gbit/s PDM‐QAM‐16 transmission with and without digital nonlinearity compensation,” Optics Express, v 18, n 12, p 12939‐47, 2010

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8. Leung, T.S.; Powell, S., “Fast Monte Carlo simulations of ultrasound‐modulated light using a graphics processing unit,” Journal of Biomedical Optics, v 15, n 5, p 055007 (7 pp.), Sept. 2010

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10. Huiyun Liu, Ting Wang, Qi Jiang, Richard Hogg, Frank Tutu, Francesca Pozzi, and Alwyn Seeds, “Long‐wavelength InAs/GaAs quantum‐dot laser diode monolithically grown on Ge substrate,” Accepted for publication in Nature Photonics 2011

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13. K.A.Patel, J.F.Dynes, A.W.Sharpe, Z.L.Yuan, R.V.Penty, and A.J.Shields, “Gigacounts‐per‐Second Single Photon Detection Based on a Single‐Pixel Avalanche Photodiode,” Single Photon Workshop, Braunschweig, Germany (2011)

14. M. Scott, “A Wire‐speed Packet Classification and Capture Module for NetFPGA,” First European Net FPGA Developers' Workshop, Cambridge (2010)

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19. R. Mueckstein, C. Graham, C.C. Renaud, A.J. Seeds, J.A. Harrington, and O. Mitrofanov, “Imaging and Analysis of THz Surface Plasmon Polariton Waves with the Integrated Sub-wavelength Aperture Probe,”
Special Issue on THz near‐field imaging in the Journal of Infrared, Millimeter and Terahertz Waves
Volume 32, Numbers 8-9, 1031-1042, (2011).
DOI: 10.1007/s10762-011-9811-8

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34. D.J. Ives, S.J. Savory presented a poster at OFC/NFOEC 2013 in Anaheim, 17 March 2013 'Transmitter Optimized Optical Networks'

35. R. R. F. Jahromi, E.J. Osley, C.G. Biris, P.G. Thompson, P.A.Warburton and N.C. Panoiu, "Fano Resonance Resulting from a Tunable Interaction between Molecular Vibrational Modes and a Double Continuum of a Plasmonic Metamolecule" Physical Review Letters, 110, 087402 (2013)

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38.  M. Lucamarini, K. A. Patel, J. F. Dynes, B. Fröhlich, A. W. Sharpe, A.R. Dixon, Z. L. Yuan, R. V. Penty, and A. J. Shields "Efficient decoy-state quantum key distribution with quantified security," Optics Express, Vol. 21, Issue 21, pp. 24550-24565 (2013)

39. D. J. Ives and S. J. Savory presented a poster at ECOC 2013 in London, 24 September 2013, "Fixed versus Flex Grid with Route Optimised Modulation Formats and Channel Data Rates of 400 Gbits and Above" P.5.11.

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