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Novel optical neuro-monitoring technique in brain stimulation study

With just a few days of non-harmful brain stimulation and brain training, scientists have improved people’s ability to manipulate numbers for up to six months. In new research, scientists from UCL's Biomedical Optical Research Lab and the University of Oxford suggest that applying non-invasive stimulation, called transcranial random noise stimulation (TRNS), to the brain can improve its function.

Developing a Quantum Leap for Solar Cells

EPSRC has awarded UCL academics Professor Alwyn Seeds and Professor Huiyun Liu £600,000 for new research to develop low-cost and high-efficiency III-V quantum-dot (QD) solar cells on silicon substrates, in collaboration with Bristol University who will do the modelling and characterisation.

Biophotonics event at UCL a great success

A one-day conference on recent advances in biophotonic tools and applications highlighted the rapid advancements currently underway in the field. The meeting, held as part of the Photonex Roadshow event at UCL was hosted by the Centre for Doctoral Training (CDT) in Photonic Systems Development and chaired by Dr Cyril Renaud and Dr Ilias Tachtsidis, both supervisors involved with the Centre.

UCL-Cambridge Photonic Systems Centre Invites UK Tech Industry to Invest in Students

The EPSRC funded Centre for Doctoral Training (CDT) in Photonic Systems Development set up jointly between UCL and the University of Cambridge will hold an Industry Day on 14th January 2013 at Cambridge’s William Gates Building. UK Tech companies are encouraged to attend and invest in the Centre’s largest ever cohort of students by collaborating in Masters or PhD level research projects that are relevant to the Tech Industry needs. There are a wide range of different opportunities for industry involvement on offer.

Institute of Physics (IoP) award 2012 Gabor Medal to UCL’s Professor Alwyn Seeds

The Institute of Physics (IoP) have awarded UCL’s Professor Alwyn Seeds the 2012 Gabor Medal and Prize for his research on and practical realisation of microwave photonic devices leading to their commercial exploitation in wireless and optical communication systems. The award is made biannually for distinguished work in the application of physics in an industrial, commercial or business context.