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We welcome forming new relationships with organisations based in the UK. Collaboration with industry is a key part of our function and we have a long history of working with industrial partners at a wide range of levels. Through the Centre, we are keen to develop and strengthen our links with industry, public bodies and other groups of interest for mutual benefit.

We offer member companies the following benefits:

  • Facilitated access to UCL and Cambridge researchers and students via a range of Working Groups, workshops, Industry Day and symposium events and strategic research project collaborations.
  • Coordinated, customised recruiting events and access to student CVs to help you recruit the most talented personnel
  • Development opportunities including the opportunity to present guest lectures
  • Exposure to current and emerging areas in UCL and Cambridge research and IP licensing and joint venture opportunities.
  • Opportunity to become a representative on our Advisory Board and directly shape the doctoral training programme offered by the Centre.

Examples of possible modes of collaboration and ways that industry can help the Centre include:

MRes and PhD Industrial Projects
Our strong links with industry and the prospect of industry linked projects, allows our 4 year PhD programme to attract the highest calibre of students. Students would typically either work on industrially focused projects or be placed at the sponsor location for 3-6 months whilst completing a research project on secondment. If you have a research project proposal that you would like to offer to our students, please work with our Centre academics to develop industrially-related MRes or PhD projects. Contact Tim Bodley-Scott, CDT Administrator at the email address below for more details. 
Sponsored studentships
PhD students can be engaged in industry focused research projects either fully funded or part funded (EPSRC CASE awards) by industry.
Guest Lectures and Seminars
We invite industry representatives to come and speak to our students about current research areas and career opportunities.
Sponsored Research
Sponsoring research allows our industrial partners to gain access to the world leading expertise and facilities available at UCL and Cambridge for projects that range from short term investigations to longer term fundamental research. 
Staff within the Centre engage in a wide range of fields and provide an excellent resource for consultancy services whether the requirements for technology strategy or technology assessment or for advanced development of technologies.

If you would like to find out more or are interested in getting involved, please contact:

Tim Bodley-Scott, CDT Administrator and Business Development Officer.

We welcome your feedback and ideas for the Centre. Thank you for your support.